Thursday, March 20, 2014

Casino Pajama

University students with insanely jam-packed schedules have seriously hit the jackpot this time.

Guess what's one of Spring 2014's top trends? Yep, you guessed it - pajamas! (Ok so maybe you didn't guess it, but perhaps you contemplated the option. It still counts.)

I'm pretty sure I speak for a large portion of the student population when I say that getting out of a bed after a toiling through a long night of work or midterm preparation (without the aid of caffeine) is seemingly the most dreadful task ever. Locating some sort of apparel that will render you looking "somewhat" decent is a probably even more strenuous task.

The fashion world's new alternative? Just head out in your PJs!

Onesies have been the popular choice among tweens and baby-faced teens for a while now, but I'll grudgingly admit that it doesn't quite have the effect on those slightly more aged.

Luckily, things have taken a turn for the better - the reinvented pajamas not only evoke a sense of muted sensuality, but are also minimalistic in nature, boosting their versatility.

Don't quite believe me? Let's see what the fashion world has to say:

Marc Jacobs

The "Emperor" Marc Jacobs himself has been caught donning not one, but two sets of PJs during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2013! (One of which happens to have the exact pattern as my high school uniform kilt - hmmm, coincidence much?)


Sister label of Italian luxury fashion house Max Mara, Sportmax, featured more than just a few sleepwear-inspired pieces in their Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection; pastels, polka dots, and pompoms all made frequent appearances throughout the line.

Alright, so I've made my point (and possibly convinced you) - what next? You might be wondering, "How does a mere mortal such as myself compile ensemble with such an influence without appearing as if I'm suffering from a severe case of sleepwalking?"

Thought the runway-worthy take on the trend may not be suitable as daily workwear, taking a subtle approach by incorporating a few key elements usually results in remarkable outcomes.

Blogger Inspiration: Ivy Xu of This is what we do

When in doubt, stick to a simple colour scheme. Vancouver blogger Ivy pairs an evidently pajama-like top with a pair of bold, Pantone-approved pants and yellow blazer, but swears loyalty to her chosen palette by adding a matching cobalt beanie and a pair of carrot platform heels. As these pieces already speak enough for themselves, the best way to complete the outfit is by sealing it with a neutral accessory - or in this case, a white cross-body bag with a clear front pocket.

Blogger Inspiration: Amy Spencer of The Little Magpie

Fresh off LOOKBOOK, English blogger Amy styles a baby pink, satin-like two-piece coordinate (reminiscent of a romper) with an edgy biker jacket and black and white platform sandals. Not quite the image conjured in one's mind when the terms "tough girl chic" and "pajama" are brought up, but it undeniably makes for an awesome spring outfit.

Paris Fashion Week Street Style Inspiration

And if all else fails, there's always the option of choosing a loose-fitting bathrobe-esque coatigan to top off an otherwise casual preppy outfit (given that you pick one in an avant-garde hue, of course) and snuggling with an adorable gingham PJ-clad teddy bear.

Though slightly intimidating at first glance, the pajama trend is surprisingly wearable and requires a minimal addition of elements to one's existing closet.

And with finals rapidly increasing in proximity, this alternative option to leggings and a comfy fleece sweater will certainly be welcomed and greatly appreciated.

- miyaka ☆

<Edit> Also check out how Jenn from clothesencounters styled her floral pajama pants!

Friday, February 28, 2014


"Home is where the heart is."

Though very true, "home" happens to not only be where my heart lies, but where my physical being also resides.

(And by that, I mean sitting perched before my dust-laden laptop, avoiding the cold and attempting to make some sense of everything academic-related.)

The sinister creature that is school has seemingly joined forces with the most powerful natural existence ever (also known as Mother Nature) to bring to us the worst possible winter semester ever.


Chilly weather and layers of snow are no longer associated with intense snowball fights and warming up to steaming mugs of marshmallow-topped hot chocolate. They instead instil feelings of frustration towards the copious amounts of fluffy (but oh-so-heavy) white stuff needed to be shovelled, as well as the most commonly asked question this season - "IS SCHOOL CANCELLED TODAY??!"

And let's just say that forcibly jamming lab reports, assignments, and 15% midterms into the equation doesn't make it any more fun than it already sounds.

So here I am once again, squatted in front of my portable personal computer, as I bring you "Homebody" - the term used to describe someone who unwillingly spends majority of their time at home due to uncontrollable external factors that bring nothing but annoyance to their day.


Poncho hoodie, grey leopard dress: H&M // Necklace, chain link bracelet, stone bracelets: Gifted //
Rhinestone bangle: Aldo Accessories // Tights: Japan // 

Something as plan as this may garner zero interest from onlookers and fellow fashionistas, but that's completely alright. Unpretentious ensembles composed of nothing but neutrals require minimal effort and time to assemble in the morning, and are therefore worthy of my unswayed partiality.

That and giant teddy bears sticking out comparatively tiny red tongues.

- miyaka ☆

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Military Influence [Guest Post]

Though I'm not too familiar with military regulations, the term "military" always tends to conjure up an image of young, sleep-deprived men clad in stained uniforms making a long, unpleasant journey through mud-laden trenches. In my (ignorant) opinion at least.

While this may or may not be true, one thing's for sure - people in the military follow extremely strict schedules.

Their life might bear a slight resemblance to those of students like us, who expel protracted groans at the very thought of having to drag themselves out from the snug cocoon of their blanket at 6 in the morning after returning home late after a night class.

Excluding the occasional 15-minute lunch break, all other time is most likely set aside in an attempt to interpret fluid lectures, mechanics equations, and why in the world someone would ever want to grade a thirty-page report on sustainable initiatives in addition to watching a three-minute video on it.

Oh, and also making the effort to update a blog monthly with a lengthy rant.


In other news, I spent a glorious (read: blizzard-free, void of power outages) Christmas vacation in Vancouver, which you can read more about here if you so wish.

On one of my last days there, the thought of capturing a few quick shots by the Olympic Cauldron appealed greatly to me. But as winter weather is inclined to make me feel rather dreary, dressing "decently" is hardly a priority for me. Local Vancouverites, however, are able to maintain their sartorial flair regardless of climate conditions.

Military jacket: Old Navy // Sweater dress: Winners // Multicoloured knit scarf: Roxy //
Black shoulder bag: Coach // Tights: Gap // Majorca Sun boots: Clarks //

Quite evidently, I was not the one featured in this set of photos (Gosh, I wish I had hair that shiny! > ^ <). Nope. And that's why this is a guest post (my first one, actually).

Thank you to my super-awesome stylish auntie for letting me feature her ensemble! ^ - ^ And also reminding me that while things can become drab and dull, a simply shot of colour can do wonders for boosting energy levels.

(Energy shots are quite possibly the item that I require the most at this point...)

As a final word before I retreat to my textbooks, I would like to wish everyone an early Happy Chinese New Year! Or 'Lunar' New Year for those that are not of Chinese descent. Taking place on the last day of January (aka next Friday), chances of me updating again before that date are slim, so it just made more sense to express my cheer for the holiday now.

Here's to hoping that midterms will all go well, and that the sub-zero temperatures will cease to exist in the next couple of weeks.

- miyaka ☆

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Trend Analysis: Faux Fur

I think I've gotten into an unhealthy habit of only updating once a month. 

Though I like to think of it as me procrastinating on one less thing (we'll disregard the hours spent pinning, tumbling, reviewing, playing Pigg Life, etc. ;)).

Alas! We have been hit by the first snowstorm of the year (Hey, it's the 'Great White North - what do we expect?) and I'm extremely thankful that I can be a three-week shut in due to exams.

What? Exams? Oh yeah, I still have one more to go...but writing about faux fur takes precedence this time!

Ahhhh, faux fur - probably one of my all-time favourite winter trends. It's soft, cozy, and allows one to be achieve pajama-level comfort while appearing totally trendy. It also happens to come in a vast range of colours and finishes.
And since it's a synthetic material, no animals were harmed in its creation.

Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop

If, for some unknown reason, you had your doubts about faux fur becoming a trend this season, then this ought to prove you erroneous.

Notice that Cheshire Cat-like article of a stole? Well you can purchase it right here for less than a fraction of the cost of a Burberry messenger.

And if black and red really isn't your thing, then how bout trying this multi-coloured rendition on for size?

I admit that the unveiling for this collection came as quite a vibrant surprise to me, especially since the name "Kirchhoff" automatically caused circuit laws from electrostatics to pop up in my head. But while wacky, the items are very much visually appealing, with a gentle nod towards Harajuku street fashions such as Fairy Kei.


So maybe the Meadham duo's creations aren't your cup of tea. How about taking a step towards a more glamourous, party-appropriate style of faux fur?

With K-Pop rapidly gaining recognition in various regions of the world, YG and 2NE1 are two names that surely not commonly unheard of in today's music industry.

In their latest single "그리워해요 (MISSING YOU)", which I have been humming since it's release, the girls don fabulous fur coats, skirts, and accessories in a plethora of colours - proof that garments in opulent finishes are as statement-making as they are festive.

Well-known for being besties with witty sportswear designer Jeremy Scott and having sported Saint Laurent's Fall 2013 girly-grunge prêt-à-porter collection in the same music video, one should know that 2NE1 can do make no sartorial mistake. 

Is faux fur a fashion force to be reckoned with? I think so.


Who is 'clothesencounters'? If you thought 2NE1's sophisticated glamour was a tad over-the-top for you, I'd suggest investing some time into watching Jenn's channel.

Jenn Im is a thrifty, exotically creative fashion genius who discusses fashion and presents her personal approach to sartorial movements on the video-hosting giant known as YouTube.

(Source: Jenn's channel, clothesencounters)

Having a knack for pairing fresh-off-the-runway pieces with exceptionally casual attire, she never ceases to amaze me with her super wearable unique street style.

While you can easily glam up a faux fur vest by adding flashy prints and textures, she chooses to play it down with a soft, worn-in tank top while still maintaining the urbane vibe of the piece with a pair of elegant lace-up heels.

And there you have it! Faux fur can be rocked day or night, and effortlessly worked into both casual and polished ensembles. With the holiday season nearing, why not allow your innovative side to peek through and throw on that uber-warm furry new arrival you've been eyeing? 

Christmas is funky fashion's playground so go ahead and have fun! (Since that's what I'll be doing when my long trek through exams and fluffy white crystallized water is complete ^ ^)

- miyaka ☆

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Modern Muse

You know what's depressing? The fact that I can't get myself to update more frequent than once a month.

And you know what else happens to be utterly depressing? The sound of the wind blowing fiercely outside my room window, indicating not only that temperatures will continually plummet as we are trudge deeper in winter, but also that it will become increasingly difficult to remain outdoors for longer durations of time.

Yes, I live in the Great White North, and I complain about winter every year. But this year, despite starting to wear gloves early, my hands are now cracked and bleeding in so many areas that even running them under water is painful (> ^ <).

Though at the same time, I should express my gratitude towards Mother Nature to allowing us to experience something of a fall this year. (I mean, I could actually make use of my thin scarves this year! Isn't that exciting?! =D)

Bowler hat, motorcycle jacket, striped gradient scarf: H&M // 'YSL' dress: Vancouver // 
Suspender tights: Aldo Accessories // High-top sneakers: Converse // Bracelets: GUESS //

While an apology for the constant negligence of this blog is well overdue, I also feel like I have been owed an apology. 
No, not from anyone who is reading this. But rather from the lovely professionals that determine the way in which our assignments, labs, and tests are laid out.

No living creature could feasibly complete three major assignments over the course of three days.

...or maybe one does exist. Just not within the realm of my knowledge.
(But who am I to judge? As one minute element of this entire universe, I could arguably know nothing about this world and still survive amidst its harsh environmental conditions.)

Philosophy aside, I think cobalt and gold make an uncannily appropriate combination. Maybe it's the matteness of the cobalt that allows the glimmer of the gold to peak through ever so stunningly. Or how all colours just happen to stand up a bit taller when placed next in line to black and white.

Either way, I like it. And I wish I still had the chance to prance around campus faux-fur-lined-jacket-less.

You may have also noticed that an unnamed figure has surfaced in these photos, sans-hoisery. Always making various impromptu appearances in my life, she's probably the only other creature whose extreme fondness for all things feline and feminine could rival my undying affection towards B.A.P and sartorial aesthetics ;)

- miyaka ☆