Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ocean Breeze

So another hectic month has passed: summer school's over and I'm finally (yes, finally) embarking on my long awaited vacation in just a few days!

And since the chances of me putting up a proper post while out of the country approach the thickness of a microfiber (ie. very, very slim), I thought it'd be best to get one sorted out before the end of the month.

Last month we took a short road trip while out on a family brunch - the weather was absolutely stunning and it was the perfect mix of sun and sea breeze. Despite having to travel to an exceptionally rainy region soon, I am still keeping my hopes up for weather like this:

White cardigan: ESPRIT // Denim button-down: H&M // Skirt: //
Running shoes: New Balance // Red bowler hat: Amazon // Bag: Juicy Couture

I have this love-hate relationship with skirts; I'm sufficiently convinced that others with bulky calves understand this woe. And as a person of a somewhat diminutive stature, the length of a skirt plays a Goliath-like role in determining the stoutness of my outward appearance.

While the maxi-dress/-skirt and flat sandal pairing results in effortless elegance on tall, slender beings, the same cannot be said for everyone. As such, pairing flat running shoes may not have been the most visually appealing decision. However, it was the most appropriate one, since any other styles of footwear would have resulted in a high probability of a twisted ankle from walking on unevenly-places rocks along a shore.

And you know what they say about being all matchy-matchy? Well, it's back.
Not in the "let's wear polka dots from head to toe" sense, but it's a rather common trend to don matching suit pieces for a casual outing.

Truthfully though, that kind of matching doesn't quite coincide with the pieces I'm accustomed to wearing. So I'll just settle for simple neutral palette, with a few splashes of blue thrown in.
Oh, and a quilted crossbody bag to render the ensemble a tad more sophisticated. (Cuz, why not?)

Now, it's time for me to get packing! Vacation, here I come~

- miyaka ☆

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Happy Grunge

So I've broken it. My one-post-per-month policy. And I would like to extend my deepest, most sincerest apologies for that.

The last month has just a whirlwind of exams and I-don't-even-know-whats. Though I could go on about how seemingly fast time passes while one struggles to stay atop of academic priorities (and prevent oneself from looking like someone that absentmindedly stepped into quicksand), I won't.

Instead, I am going to make a promise (and keep it this time!) to create more frequent posts during this month to make up for the lack of Quirky Aesthetics that has been appearing on the blogosphere in the past month.

Well, I guess I haven't been completely inactive. Photo editing has been the highlight of my life for the past while now, and my portfolio is in the midst of being set up on my lifestyle/photography blog.
Feel free to check it out and drop me a comment and maybe contact me for a photoshoot! (I've been pouring mounds of effort into this site and will be updating it on a hopefully somewhat regular basis!)

In other news, I'm finally glad that the snow and the rain has stopped. Ok, maybe the rain hasn't stopped yet. But in terms of temperature, we have finally warmed up to the tens and rain is (thankfully) only an on-and-off occurrence.

Sweater, star cuff: Urban Outfitters // Plaid button-down: American Eagle // Shorts: Aritzia //
Thigh highs: Ardene // Messenger bag: Roxy // Platforms: Little Burgundy //
Necklace, rhinestone bracelet, midi rings: Aldo Accessories

Midi rings and Urban Outfitters have officially become my new obsessions.

Candidly speaking, I am not much of a ring person. Though these gold midi rings are rapidly becoming the most worn accessories in my collection as of recent. Though quite simple in nature, they manage to make a striking difference in elevating an outfit's status from level 1 (painstakingly plain) to a level 5 (effortless sophistication). And so I've learnt to appreciate these subtle yet salient little tools and have made the decision to slowly incorporate them into many of my new ensembles.

Online shopping has also become my new "trip to the mall", especially when lack of time forbids me from exiting the house.
Long story short, I stumbled upon UO's sale section not too long ago and the only proper description of it would be a newly-uncovered treasure chest. I've already managed to snag several amazing deals, and all of them have arrived at lightning speed.
To be honest, there really is nothing more I can ask for than an extremely efficient retailer that guarantees quality products at reasonable prices.

But yes, Happy Grunge.

While the only evident element emitting a slight sense of the grunge aura is multicoloured as opposed to the traditional mix of some simple solid hue matched with black, and even though the slouchy silhouette is barely visible besides the comfortable-looking terry jumper, I can assure you that this concept was indeed the original theme.

That is, if I even had a theme to begin with. But perhaps it was just merely an idea that resulted from the hybrid of two contrasting themes.

Though now I know that gold accents will work for both.

- miyaka 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Casino Pajama

University students with insanely jam-packed schedules have seriously hit the jackpot this time.

Guess what's one of Spring 2014's top trends? Yep, you guessed it - pajamas! (Ok so maybe you didn't guess it, but perhaps you contemplated the option. It still counts.)

I'm pretty sure I speak for a large portion of the student population when I say that getting out of a bed after a toiling through a long night of work or midterm preparation (without the aid of caffeine) is seemingly the most dreadful task ever. Locating some sort of apparel that will render you looking "somewhat" decent is a probably even more strenuous task.

The fashion world's new alternative? Just head out in your PJs!

Onesies have been the popular choice among tweens and baby-faced teens for a while now, but I'll grudgingly admit that it doesn't quite have the effect on those slightly more aged.

Luckily, things have taken a turn for the better - the reinvented pajamas not only evoke a sense of muted sensuality, but are also minimalistic in nature, boosting their versatility.

Don't quite believe me? Let's see what the fashion world has to say:

Marc Jacobs

The "Emperor" Marc Jacobs himself has been caught donning not one, but two sets of PJs during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2013! (One of which happens to have the exact pattern as my high school uniform kilt - hmmm, coincidence much?)


Sister label of Italian luxury fashion house Max Mara, Sportmax, featured more than just a few sleepwear-inspired pieces in their Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection; pastels, polka dots, and pompoms all made frequent appearances throughout the line.

Alright, so I've made my point (and possibly convinced you) - what next? You might be wondering, "How does a mere mortal such as myself compile ensemble with such an influence without appearing as if I'm suffering from a severe case of sleepwalking?"

Thought the runway-worthy take on the trend may not be suitable as daily workwear, taking a subtle approach by incorporating a few key elements usually results in remarkable outcomes.

Blogger Inspiration: Ivy Xu of This is what we do

When in doubt, stick to a simple colour scheme. Vancouver blogger Ivy pairs an evidently pajama-like top with a pair of bold, Pantone-approved pants and yellow blazer, but swears loyalty to her chosen palette by adding a matching cobalt beanie and a pair of carrot platform heels. As these pieces already speak enough for themselves, the best way to complete the outfit is by sealing it with a neutral accessory - or in this case, a white cross-body bag with a clear front pocket.

Blogger Inspiration: Amy Spencer of The Little Magpie

Fresh off LOOKBOOK, English blogger Amy styles a baby pink, satin-like two-piece coordinate (reminiscent of a romper) with an edgy biker jacket and black and white platform sandals. Not quite the image conjured in one's mind when the terms "tough girl chic" and "pajama" are brought up, but it undeniably makes for an awesome spring outfit.

Paris Fashion Week Street Style Inspiration

And if all else fails, there's always the option of choosing a loose-fitting bathrobe-esque coatigan to top off an otherwise casual preppy outfit (given that you pick one in an avant-garde hue, of course) and snuggling with an adorable gingham PJ-clad teddy bear.

Though slightly intimidating at first glance, the pajama trend is surprisingly wearable and requires a minimal addition of elements to one's existing closet.

And with finals rapidly increasing in proximity, this alternative option to leggings and a comfy fleece sweater will certainly be welcomed and greatly appreciated.

- miyaka ☆

<Edit> Also check out how Jenn from clothesencounters styled her floral pajama pants!

Friday, February 28, 2014


"Home is where the heart is."

Though very true, "home" happens to not only be where my heart lies, but where my physical being also resides.

(And by that, I mean sitting perched before my dust-laden laptop, avoiding the cold and attempting to make some sense of everything academic-related.)

The sinister creature that is school has seemingly joined forces with the most powerful natural existence ever (also known as Mother Nature) to bring to us the worst possible winter semester ever.


Chilly weather and layers of snow are no longer associated with intense snowball fights and warming up to steaming mugs of marshmallow-topped hot chocolate. They instead instil feelings of frustration towards the copious amounts of fluffy (but oh-so-heavy) white stuff needed to be shovelled, as well as the most commonly asked question this season - "IS SCHOOL CANCELLED TODAY??!"

And let's just say that forcibly jamming lab reports, assignments, and 15% midterms into the equation doesn't make it any more fun than it already sounds.

So here I am once again, squatted in front of my portable personal computer, as I bring you "Homebody" - the term used to describe someone who unwillingly spends majority of their time at home due to uncontrollable external factors that bring nothing but annoyance to their day.


Poncho hoodie, grey leopard dress: H&M // Necklace, chain link bracelet, stone bracelets: Gifted //
Rhinestone bangle: Aldo Accessories // Tights: Japan // 

Something as plan as this may garner zero interest from onlookers and fellow fashionistas, but that's completely alright. Unpretentious ensembles composed of nothing but neutrals require minimal effort and time to assemble in the morning, and are therefore worthy of my unswayed partiality.

That and giant teddy bears sticking out comparatively tiny red tongues.

- miyaka ☆

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Military Influence [Guest Post]

Though I'm not too familiar with military regulations, the term "military" always tends to conjure up an image of young, sleep-deprived men clad in stained uniforms making a long, unpleasant journey through mud-laden trenches. In my (ignorant) opinion at least.

While this may or may not be true, one thing's for sure - people in the military follow extremely strict schedules.

Their life might bear a slight resemblance to those of students like us, who expel protracted groans at the very thought of having to drag themselves out from the snug cocoon of their blanket at 6 in the morning after returning home late after a night class.

Excluding the occasional 15-minute lunch break, all other time is most likely set aside in an attempt to interpret fluid lectures, mechanics equations, and why in the world someone would ever want to grade a thirty-page report on sustainable initiatives in addition to watching a three-minute video on it.

Oh, and also making the effort to update a blog monthly with a lengthy rant.


In other news, I spent a glorious (read: blizzard-free, void of power outages) Christmas vacation in Vancouver, which you can read more about here if you so wish.

On one of my last days there, the thought of capturing a few quick shots by the Olympic Cauldron appealed greatly to me. But as winter weather is inclined to make me feel rather dreary, dressing "decently" is hardly a priority for me. Local Vancouverites, however, are able to maintain their sartorial flair regardless of climate conditions.

Military jacket: Old Navy // Sweater dress: Winners // Multicoloured knit scarf: Roxy //
Black shoulder bag: Coach // Tights: Gap // Majorca Sun boots: Clarks //

Quite evidently, I was not the one featured in this set of photos (Gosh, I wish I had hair that shiny! > ^ <). Nope. And that's why this is a guest post (my first one, actually).

Thank you to my super-awesome stylish auntie for letting me feature her ensemble! ^ - ^ And also reminding me that while things can become drab and dull, a simply shot of colour can do wonders for boosting energy levels.

(Energy shots are quite possibly the item that I require the most at this point...)

As a final word before I retreat to my textbooks, I would like to wish everyone an early Happy Chinese New Year! Or 'Lunar' New Year for those that are not of Chinese descent. Taking place on the last day of January (aka next Friday), chances of me updating again before that date are slim, so it just made more sense to express my cheer for the holiday now.

Here's to hoping that midterms will all go well, and that the sub-zero temperatures will cease to exist in the next couple of weeks.

- miyaka ☆